Support for Logic Pro?


Is it possible to get the link of an audio track in Logic Pro?
With Logic Pro open, by calling Hook, I saw the whole project file name was in the Hook menu.
Is it possible to select just an audio track in the project? Additional script needed?

(The same idea may apply to Final Cut Pro, I don’t edit video though.)

Any ideas? Hints?

Logic Pro is based on the default script. If Logic Pro has an AppleScript for it, then Hookmark’s “Get Address” script could be modified to do that.

Hello Hongying,

Are you looking to link to a specific audio track while inside an open project? I’d love to know your use case for this, and what you would Hookmark to assist you in, what other file(s) you’re linking to, etc.

My use for Hookmark and Logic Pro is linking to the project file itself as part of a bigger editing project. I’m certainly curious, Hongying, to read about your desired outcome on this and how you would use it. Thanks for sharing.

(To Luc’s point, there is no AppleScript dictionary to speak of for Logic Pro.)


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Thank you for your interest. :slight_smile:
But you may find my use case a little weird. I’m using Logic Pro for learning English and French. (I would be grateful if you spot errors here and have a second to correct.)

I’d like to link an audio track (of a specific project) to my plain text notes. Initially, I just annotate by renaming the audio region. This happens when I misspell a word or find a new expression, which were put on separate tracks for review. But some audio regions demand too much explanation, which may deserve dedicate notes. This is when I thinking about Hookmark.

When I organize ideas (e.g., for a writing task) and try to use new expressions from audio tracks, I’d also like to put a link of the audio track, or a deep link of an audio region if possible.

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I think that’s a very clever use case, indeed. However, this is now officially off-topic because we know that Hookmark is not able (because of Logic’s limitations) to accomplish what you describe above, that is linking to a specific audio track or region. I’m assuming you’re a pretty advanced Logic user based on your use case. That’s great!

Before I wrap up, may I recommend a few additional tricks and resources?

  • First off, in case you need it, the Logic Pro subReddit at /r/logicpro is very good, and there are tons of users there that may provide out-of-the-box thinking for you.
  • Second, reading about your use case, and wanting to keep notes, etc. made me think or two Logic features you could try to assist you:
  1. The Notes feature, accessed with Option-Command-P, that allows you to jot down notes for the project as a whole, but also for individual tracks in your language-learning project. You’ll see two tabs to do just that.
  2. The Markers feature in Logic: not only can you delineate areas of your project (specific sections) with a marker, but you also view those markers in the right-handside pane, and add additional notes that are then visible when you reach that marker during playback. I’ve used this, for instance, to copy the lyric of a song I might be working on, so the word are visible when that section of the song is playing.

Thanks for reaching out to us, Hongying, and best of luck in your study of two widely spoken languages which, interestingly, both Luc and I speak. :wink:


I just tried the features you recommended (which I’m not aware of). They are quite handy! Thank you!
(I haven’t asked questions like this on /r/logicpro yet. Yes. I should go and check out what music/Logic Pro professionals think about.)


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Speaking as a Mac developer, this sounds like a product idea worth exploring — an automation (scripting) bridge plugin for Logic Pro.

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(Come back here late. I caught Covid last week, but I’ve been getting better. :slight_smile: )

Let me detail why I’m using it in this way, to explore further.

  • I initially used the app “Say It” to find out my pronunciation issues that I could never notice by myself. (I in-app purchased every packages “Say it” provided, but not too soon the developer changed from one-time purchase to subscription model, “upgraded” the app, deleted all the packages and user’s own local data, and made the app unusable.)
  • I then tried to compare my voice using Audacity, but found Logic Pro was more convenient to organize and edit audio files.
  • I now still miss an app like Say It ( which could be developed from Mozilla’s Common Voice Project. But instead of paying a subscription fee, I’m buying courses to get real feedback.)
  • As for this “product idea”, what I doubt is the life span of such an app on ones laptop. If it is for language learning, then it could be at most a few years.
  • Another use case could be for bird watchers, who need to record the singing of those rarely seen wildlife. I’ve a friend who goes bird watching regularly in the wild. But I’ve not gotten a chance to demonstrate such an idea yet.


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great use case. I often think that a productive practice app for learning birding would be great. All productive practice software should be link-friendly. Productive practice is a generalization of test-enhanced learning, distributed practice, and testing effects — beyond flashcards — that I described in Cognitive Productivity books.