Struggling to create app script ( Inkdrop AppleScript and electron bridge)

In the course of trying to create scripts for an app I reduced things to trying to return a literal value and it’s still not working. The app is Inkdrop, which doesn’t respond to AppleScript but does support open inkdrop://note:my_note_id syntax.

My very basic test was to fill in inkdrop as the scheme under “Open Item” and then for the get address script to just start returning by returning a literal: return "inkdrop://testnote" but this still just gives me “No linkable item found in Inkdrop.” Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Okay–looks like I had to completely quit and restart Hook for this to take effect.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @QpUc8K . Inkdrop is of course an electron app, which poses special challenges. As you noted, there’s no AppleScript support in it. Perhaps the dev could do some bridging along the lines of [Enhancement] Applescript API · Issue #4418 · electron/electron · GitHub I’ve brought it up with them here Request to make Inkdrop Apple Scriptable - :unicorn:Features - Inkdrop Forum, and Adding a hyperlink to a note - 💁🏻‍♂️Support - Inkdrop Forum but didn’t get traction. Hopefully the folks behind electron itself will make automation integration easier.

Re other note taking service and apps, there is Roam by RoamResearch (@Conaw sometimes contributes to the forum here) which is a web service; and Bear notes, which is an app. And a lot of other apps of course that have automation.

To all who are interested in creating and linking notes with InkDrop note app, which is an electron app, there is great news and help from an InkDrop user and the developer himself: Takuya Matsuyama :paw_prints: Dev as Life on Twitter: “Prescott created a plugin that lets you integrate with Hook (@HookProductvT)! Fantastic work​:raised_hands: - inkdrop-hook-integration: - Forum topic for the plugin:” / Twitter - Mozilla Firefox.

Here is the specific URL: inkdrop-hook-integration - Plugin - Inkdrop on their website.

All linking functions work according to our test so far!

I’ve renamed this topic to make it easier for people to see what this topic is about, and to find it.

Hi, that’s me! Thanks for renaming the topic, and glad the plugin is working out so far. Let me know if you find any issues! Full credit for Takuya for designing a plugin system for Inkdrop that made this possible.

I use other Electron apps, namely, which do not offer such functionality and therefore are impossible to use effectively with Hook (so I’ve resorted to using the Notion web app, which fortunately is a virtually identical experience).

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