Steep price hike?

As far back as I can remember, a pro update license has been around $ 11-12 (w. yearly increase about 50 cents). Now all of a sudden it’s 3 times that ($ 35)!!!

Have I missed something? I’ve searched and can’t find a single bit of communication about this.

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Same thing for me.
I was not pleased to find this surprise.
When it expires, I will not renew the pro license.

Tbh, I’m happy to pay 35 bucks a year if that means a tool I use regularly will keep getting better, faster and more sustainably.

You get what you pay for.

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I estimate I use Hookmark 100 times a day, and agree with your sentiment, although communicating this change ahead of time is just good business.


Yikes! I didn’t know this. I probably use it 10 times or less per week because many of the apps I use already establish links between items within them. I’ll have to consider whether it is worth continuing the license for me. It’s not just Hookmark, which I really like btw, it is almost every app demanding a subscription now. Frankly, it gets quite expensive and requires an occasional assessment of what is necessary/most useful and what is not.

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Would be helpful to hear from the development team as to the rationale for this steep hike.

Prepping for sale???

or misprint :eye:
edit: I hadn’t noticed, my last update was in March, $24.99 after 30% discount. So $35 is new license cost.

The price was adjusted a few months ago. It was the first significant increase in Updates license pricing since 2019. Pricing is very complex and multi-variate. The rationale in a nutshell is to sustainably deal with our costs. It works out to a bit less than $3/month, but is not a required subscription. We aim to deliver a lot more value with Hookmark than its price.