Spark Desktop electron app lacks automation for linking

Readdle has released an electron version of their “Spark” email software. It’s called “Spark Desktop”. It is an electron app. It has been getting a lot of feedback from past Spark users. It does not seem to have automation for linking, so don’t expect it to work with Hook or any other linking automation. Looking at their email apps and their PDF Expert over many years, as far as I can tell, Readdle is not committed to interoperability of linking. We ( CogSci Apps Corp. and Hook customers) have contacted them many times asking them to spend the half day required to add automation to their software for linking, but this has gone nowhere. We advise customers who care about interoperability and hyperlinking to look elsewhere. Plenty of PDF apps and email app developers have done the work.

To learn more about automation of linking check out:


and plenty of linkable apps here:

Link-friendly Mac Apps – Hook

– the post was written because we get several requests for linking to the apps.


BTW, if one does switch from Spark to 2 to Spark Desktop (electron), as long as the electron app provides some UI to get the URL of the email, you will be able to use Focus on Link in Clipboard in Hook to access the links. Or you can paste and quote part of the link in Hook’s search.

To use a web URL example, if you’ve hooked this web page to something, then you can search for the bookmark in spark-desktop-electron-app-lacks-automation-for-linking/5763 and navigate from there.

There does seem to be a growing awareness among developers, of the benefits of an API that allows interoperability. Even so, there are still developers out there that fail to see the expectations of consumers and industry development trends. Readdle, who left me no choice but to switch to Pen Pro due to the lack of an API is unfortunately one of the declining number of developers who fail to broaden their horizons. On another note I’m not sure what reason they had to convert Spark to Electron.