Soulver not linkable [in German]


trying to link to Soulver 3 (non MAS version) but it does not work (no linkable items found). Shouldn’t this work? (M1 Mac Big Sur 11.3.2)

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Hi Marco. I’ve verified again, on 11.2.3 (20D91) with Soulver 3 (non MAS version; Version (191)) . So far so good.
The issue is likely one of these: No Linkable Item in … – Hook.

Thank you very much for double checking. Besides maybe that I am using an M1 Mac, I have exactly the same versions installed. I’ve reread the “no linkable item …” post and cannot find any valid points. I can link to (almost) everything else (besides PDFs from within preview) and do several times a day. So, I guess, I am just out of luck here …

Just to be sure, have you tried the steps in this figure: not working - #12 by LucB?

FYI: This morning (PT) we significantly updated the No Linkable Item in … – Hook help page. I hope it helps.

I’ve gone through every step in the (new) instructions (again) and still: trying to invoke hook with preview as the active window makes it freeze for a couple of minutes. Then it shows up with “no linkable item”. Other apps do work fine (i.e. Mail, Finder, Word, Excel, Safari, etc.) besides Soulver. BTW Soulver is not listed under the automation preferences pane; therefore I could not reenable it as I’ve done it with Preview.

PS: On my second MacBoo Pro (non-M1), still running under 10.15.7, linking to Soulver doesn’t work either. Maybe I am just doing it wrong? Am I supposed to select a sheet in the left panel or should I invoke hook while I am editing a sheet (both ways don’t work) or should I do something completely different?


  1. Do you see a Soulver script in in Scripts Tab – Hook ?

  2. can you try the following in Apple’s Script Editor app ([Script](hook://file/V3vptUmxV?p=QXBwbGljYXRpb25zL1V0aWxpdGllcw==&

please first make sure that a Soulver file is open and saved. Make a note of its name.

    set the clipboard to ""
delay 0.2
tell application "System Events" to tell process "Soulver 3"
	click menu item "Copy Link to Sheet" of menu 1 of menu bar item "Sheet" of menu bar 1
	delay 0.05
	repeat 50 times -- poll clipboard for ~2.5 seconds
			if (the clipboard) is not equal to "" then
				exit repeat
			end if
		end try
		delay 0.05
	end repeat
end tell
set myUrl to the clipboard

tell application "System Events"
	tell process "Soulver 3"
		set myTitle to name of window 1
	end tell
end tell

return "[" & myTitle & "](" & myUrl & ")"

Hit the “run” button in Script Editor. Look at the result at the bottom. Does it return the title in Markdown format? If not, please try increasing the delays listed there.

We use UI scripting to communicate with Soulver, which is not as reliable as x-callback-url. Soulver apparently has some x-callback-url. We will have a look at whether we can switch to that. If it does not have what we need, we would [get in touch with the developer](Contacting Developers of Other Apps – Hook) again.

Hi, first I thought there was no script but then I realised that I hat to switch tabs to “Get Address” - I am just a normal Hook user and did not try to script anything before - that’s out of my scope. But looking at the code it was suddenly obvious: I am using a non ENG version of macOS (German version) and the menu and the menu item is in your script in ENG. So, changing this to the correct expressions makes it work (in Script Editor and in Hook - without changing anything else):

click menu item "Link kopieren" of menu 1 of menu bar item "Blatt" of menu

BTW actually, I’ve asked the developer before, because I thought Soulver was not supported (it was not working for me) and then found out, that it should work out of the box … He linked this information, but as I already mentioned I am not a programmer and don’t understand these things at all …

At least, Soulver is now working on my German macOS installations, too :wink:

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I’m delighted that this is working for you. Sorry we have not yet translated all the scripts to German.

That Section 6 of No Linkable Item in … – Hook:

6. UI scripted app and macOS or app language is not yet supported

Maybe we can improve the wording ?

We at CogSci Apps Corp. remain committed to ensuring the scripts and apps are in German and French soon [very sorry for the delay in this], and other languages on the horizon @bshi (based on the data of where our users are based). We have been planning a big splash with our German software developer friends for when this finally arrives. I found out very recently that I have some ancestral connection with Germany / Czech/ Austria :slight_smile: .


my problem was, that I did not assume, that Soulver was UI scripted as I knew that it supports x-callback-url schemes. In addition, because the first tab was empty, it did not even came to my mind, that there is code in the other tabs. But even after seeing the code I can not differentiate between apple script, java script (both working with other languages if I understood section 6 correctly), and UI scripting. Sorry, I am no computer scientist, just a chemist … So, in response to my support request you have linked to the correct information, but unfortunately I was not able to understand it :wink: Maybe, some sort of warning sign / icon besides the name in the script preference section could tell the user on an OS with a different language than english, that the app is not supported although it is listed?

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Absolutely no need to apologize, Marco. It is up to CogSci Apps to ensure that the tool works well for all.

Your input is very generous and extremely helpful!

Great idea! When Hook detects No linkable item found in <App> and App <App> is UI scripted, we should provide a tip. So obvious in retrospect.

We have considered a lot of other input for the No linkable item found in <App> case, and we shall revisit it.

Thanks again.