Some Keyboard shortcuts unavailable in Find results

Whenever I search for a hooked item, after the Find window show the results, I have two issues:

  • The keyboard arrows don’t work to select an item
  • The ⌘n keyboard shortcuts don’t work

The only way to open a Find result is by using the mouse. Is this a bug or am I using it wrong?

I’d have to retest in Hook 2.x re #1, but, but Hook 3, which we expect to release Sunday evening Pacific time, rounds out the commands in the search window, and I couldn’t replicate #1 in it either.

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Hello @LucB
I updated Hook to 3.0 and the issue remains.

When I press the up and down arrows on the keyboard, the cursor jumps to the beginning and end of the typed word, instead of the search results.

When I press the ⌘ button, there’s a shortcut shown to the right of each search result, but none of them work.

The only way of opening a search result is moving the mouse and double clicking the item.

thanks for letting us know, @martinewski . I had misunderstood your report.

also @LucB
the current workaround I am using is to press Tab (⇥) to ‘move the focus to next window space’, from there, you can navigate up and down with ↑ ↓ (the equivalent is ⌃P ⌃N). Also you can navigate backwards forwards with ← → (equivalent is ⌃B ⌃F).

video demo, hosted via imgur:

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Hey, the TAB works for me. Thanks!

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I’ve taken the liberty of changing the title of the topic to “Some Keyboard shortcuts unavailable in Find results” , to help users navigate the forum.

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