Simple question (I think)

I am getting quite comfortable with Hookmark but I see an issue I’m hoping someone can explain. I’m in Bear and I want to copy a Hookmark link to the note I’m viewing and paste it into a document in Scrivener. If I click the menu bar icon and activate the Hookmark action window, then click the Copy icon there, when I paste that link into Scrivener I get the clickable TITLE of the Bear note. This is what I like to happen.

When I use a hot key combination that I’ve defined in Hookmark’s preference panel, and use that hotkey combo to create the copied link, the pasted link appearance is messy, showing me the link itself rather than the note’s title. Is this normal or can I change the hotkey combo to display the pasted link using the note’s title easily?

Thank you for reporting this issue. We will have a look.

This is due to a limitation in Bear app, which was also reported here: Rich-link in Bear by shortcuts broken - #4 by LucB

Until they provide an x-callback-url API for getting the URL of the current note, Hookmark needs to rely on UI scripting, which in this case is unreliable. You should be able to get the title using the normal Copy Link keyboard shortcut ( ⌘C), or Copy Markdown Link ( ⇧⌘C). (There are also universal variants of these commands).

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Thank you–I appreciate the pointer back to the initial report and the workaround.