Show current link in Hook window

It would be helpful to me if the Hook window always showed the current link: the one that is acted upon by default, by the main actions (Link to New, Copy as Link, and Copy as Markdown Link).

Perhaps the actions could be listed below the current link, where it currently says ‘CREATE AND LINK’. Maybe even just add to that heading, so that it says ‘Create and link (link title)’

I understand that hovering over the actions shows what would be done in the status bar, and that’s great, but without actually showing the current link, there’s a a kind of blankness to the window that was very confusing at first.

Or possibly the ‘CREATE AND LINK’ heading could be expanded to say ‘Create and link to (file/web page/etc.)’, which would also help in understanding what the window is doing.

Sorry for the delay in responding to this, Jeff.

There is actually no " current link" . I think your referring to the “current context”, which is what was previously in the foreground, and which is typically not occluded by Hook, and thus still visible.

We could display the current context somewhere; but it would repeat information that is already typically there; and it might direct the user’s attention away from more salient information.

Once you get the hang of Hook, you get the feel for the fact that that the current context is whatever window (file, object) was in the foreground before you invoked Hook. It’s also what is in the foreground when the Hook window disappears, which it quickly does.

Users will be typically highly aware of what the current context is, because that was their focus; it is what they were working on or doing to begin with. 99% of the time, users invoke Hook when they have been interacting with the current focus (file, object or other resource)

The Hook window is already quite packed, and we would actually like to compact it a bit more.

If it was a persistent need, beyond the first few days of interacting with Hook, perhaps we could provide an option to show it in status bar, or a command key combination (like hold down option key) to show it in status bar…