Should I not use Hook for files in DEVONthink?


Is it better not to use Hook for files in DEVONthink, if you are using both Hook and DEVONthink, there should be no problem, but if for some reason you stop using DEVONthink, the file links in Hook will be broken and you will have to start from the beginning.

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If DEVONthink is simply indexing the file, rather than the files being the DEVONthink database per se, then the hook://file/ links are an option. Explanations for that are here: Using Hook with DEVONthink by DEVONtechnologies – Hook.

Both DEVONthink and Hook have automation so you don’t feel locked in. For instance, it should be possible to write a script that replaces DEVONthink hooks with hook://file/ hooks. We haven’t tried that. But many Hook users are also DEVONthink users, there are some DEVONthink power users on the forum who may have looked into it.