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I’m new to hook. I have 5 websites I’d like to hook together in safari. The Idea is to link 4 satellite pages to a main hub page. I’d like to be able to set the displayed order of the links. Unfortunately I’m unable to do so on my own.

Whenever I attempt to go in order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the hook app doesn’t not display the links in that order. For some reason the order is displayed as 1, 3, 2, 4, 5. Things go even more interesting, if I choose to at a 6th or 7th webpage.

Can I change the order of links once hook? if so, how so?

If not, what is the logic behind the oder of displayed links? Is there a method I can use to always drop the latest link at the bottom (or the top for that matter) and/or rearrange the order of links once a link has been added?

Currently there’s no custom sorting of hooks. It’s a bit like some OmniFocus perspectives that way, where its “Organize [menu] > Sort > …” options are disabled. That’s something that could be customized later.

You’re not seeing them in alphabetical order? Can you send us a screenshot, here or to me as a PIM?

Hi Luc » the app is working as design—alpha order. I understand design decisions have to be made, especially early in the apps development. Please consider this a feature request to allow other levels of order to come through:

  1. created date toggled from first to last and back again
  2. manual
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Is there any update on this? With more than a few Hooks on one item, it’s difficult to find the proper Hook which greatly reduces Hook’s effectiveness. It’d be great to be able to sort Hooks by any metadata (such as can be done in Finder), and do grouping similar to Finder as well.

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Still not implemented, but we agree this would be useful; in terms of scheduling, there’s some significant reorganizing of the Hook window in the pipeline.

I’ve been using Hook for a couple months. Thanks for creating this incredibly useful tool!

I’d just like to echo the sentiment that being able to order Hooks within the contextual menu based upon date added would be incredibly useful for me.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Wib. And thanks for your vote.

And welcome to everyone that I forgot to welcome in the past !

Hi Luc,

To clarify, I am seeing my hooks in alphabetical order. I’d love to be able to see them in “date added” order but understand that is not possible—at least not yet. :slight_smile:



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