Seeing hooked items in DevonThink Pro

Using Hook 2.2.1 (script version 1.55), DevonThink Pro 3.6.1, Big Sur.

In DevonThink - within a group of a database, I selected a range of files and dragged them to the menubar Hook icon and after dropping them on the window I get a message that the items are hooked together.

But when I select a file within DevonThink and invoke the Hook Shortcut (⇧+ ⌘ + Spacebar) the other hooked files are not shown.

In Finder if I invoke Hook for the selected file the other hooked files are shown.

I have recorded a secret movie which to show this - see the video

Is this a limitation of using DevonThink?

I’m also seeing this behavior. I’d expect Hook to grab the x-devonthink URLs for each item, but instead it took the File path. I actually wish I could find a way to use Hook files for this so that (hypothetically) I could see Hooked files no matter how I accessed it (Obsidian, BBEdit, Finder, DEVONthink…my Zettelkasten files are all just markdown files but I access them in many different ways). Thoughts on that, @LucB?

Should not have been ‘secret movie’ but ‘screen movie’ in my post…

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @hook-vw, and thanks for raising this issue.

Thanks for pointing that out. In the context of the menu bar icon, I don’t think an app can get the DEVONthink source directly (we will check). Even if so, one of the enhancements we have planned for Hook is to allow an item to have a canonical URL and “synonym” (alternative URLs). That would be a way forward with this issue. In fact, DEVONthink and EagleFiler were some of the first apps that made me realize we need synonyms. But I hadn’t connected (or had forgotten about) the menu bar icon angle.

The first order of business for CogSci Apps is to update:


For indexed folders, some users may, however, prefer the hook://file// URLs.

Love to see where this is headed! DM me to beta test! :wink: