Scripts updated: EagleFiler and and AirMail Beta (and an EagleFiler tip)

Today we updated Hook scripts for EagleFiler and and AirMail Beta. To get the latest scripts, just click the Update Now button:

Hook > Preferences > Script Editor tab > Update Now (button)

or relaunch Hook (assuming you’ve enabled auto-script updates on that tab)


EagleFiler support gains a new “Link to New” script, courtesy of Michael Tsai, the highly respected developer of the venerable EagleFiler app and blogger. A major advantage of EagleFiler over other personal information management is that it keeps your files right on the file system where, in my opinion, they normally belong.

You will see an EagleFiler entry under “Link to New”. Selecting that will create a new RTF that gets stored in EagleFiler. Selecting this link will not open the file itself, it will reveal the file in EagleFiler. And when you open the file, you will not (currently) see that link.

However, there is another option, which we recommend to EagleFiler users. And that is to set the
Hook > Preferences > Notes tab > Notes folder preference
to be a folder in EagleFiler !

Today, I myself have set my “Link to New” preference in this way, so that I can leverage EagleFiler for managing my Hook-created notes.

The future:

AirMail beta

Hook already supported AirMail. Today, we’ve added support for AirMail Beta.

Not seeing “EagleFiler” under “Link to New” in Hook Version 1.4 (3143)—(20/01/30, 17:44)
Hook Trial (Pro features enabled). Lots of installed apps in list, but no EagleFiler v1.8.12.

I have discarded and supporting files, then reinstalled with a freshly downloaded instance, but no joy.

macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76).

Does anyone have a solution for this, please?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @burbridge

That’s actually from the initial integration of EagleFiler (a year ago). New integration is here:
Using Hook with EagleFiler by C-Command Software – Hook

There’s a “Linking to new items stored in EagleFiler” at the top of that page.

Users can set the default folder in which to create new files to be

a. a folder that is scanned (watched) by EagleFiler. See EagleFiler Manual: Scan for New Files. Or,
b. an EagleFiler Library folder

That is easy because EagleFiler stores its content directly in the Finder (i.e., on the file system).

It is also quite convenient. Because that puts Hook-generated content exactly where EagleFiler users want their content: in an EagleFiler library!

There’s also a blog post: Organize, Search, and Archive Key Information with EagleFiler, Including Hook-Linked Files! – Hook

Thanks—I appreciate the prompt, helpful response! The new integration page clarified things.

Notwithstanding, I continue to struggle with how to make this integration work.

For me, Hook’s “Link to New” can store new linked files in EagleFiler raises more questions than it answers. A screen video demonstration may be helpful, to show, rather than tell how this works.

For the moment, I will try out Hook’s features other than those connected to EagleFiler.


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we need lots of screencasts: one on each help page. We have a new team member who will help with that.