Scripting control for Hook?

Feature request:

I would like Hook to be accessible via scripting, eg AppleScript or JXA.

Example use case:

One of my current projects is to handle my enormous store of emails in GMail. I plan to download the raw email messages and pass them through a custom script that extracts the email message text into a file, and any attachments into individual files as well. A relationship[ is maintained by naming the attachments and the message text files incorporating the unique mail identifier from the email header. (I actually already have a script that does this from in AppleScript, but plan to reimplement to handle raw message files so I can bulk process things.)

It would be ideal to be able to script Hook to create the links between the message and the attachments programmatically as part of this process (ideally using the mesh concept discussed elsewhere, but for this purpose at least a 1:1 linki between the message file and each attachment file would suffice).

I am sure there are many other use cases for programmatically creating Hook links.

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I agree, @nlippman. Automating Hook is on our product road map for soon after the official 1.0 release of Hook. Hook opens up so many possibilities for users that making it automatable makes a lot of sense. By automating Hook, we won’t need to build everything in the app for every possible use case; users will be able to develop and share scripts that control Hook to achieve their ends. We’re very much looking forward to that.

Perhaps at that point we should have two “share your Hook” scripts sections in the Forum (one for scripts that interface with other apps [In Hook’s Script Editor]; one for scripts that automate Hook).

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