💡 Script Debugger is ideal for editing Hookmark's Integration Scripts

Hookmark Pro users can customize how Hookmark interacts with any given app by editing the appropriate integration script in the Scripts tab, which is in Hookmark’s settings (“preferences”).

The following screenshot shows Hookmark’s integration with DEVONthink:

Integration scripts can be written in AppleScript or JavaScript.

Our script editor is very rudimentary. These scripts can be written and edited in Apple’s script editor. However, we recommend using the much more powerful Script Debugger made by Late Night Software.

Here’s a screenshot of a Script Debugger window populated with Hookmark’s DEVONthink > Get Address script:

Script Debugger

From its home page:

Script Debugger is an integrated development environment focused entirely on AppleScript. This focus allows it to deliver a suite of tools that make AppleScript development amazingly productive. You can use it to write and edit code, analyze target applications, debug scripts, and more.

Script Debugger has been making AppleScript better for over 25 years! Script Debugger 8 continues the tradition with support for Apple M1 Macs and macOS Big Sur.

Script Debugger’s features include:

  • Dictionary explorer
  • Step-wise debugging
  • Powerful code completion
  • Split-pane editing & code folding
  • See all your variables
  • Tabbed windows
  • Dark mode & text themes
  • Customization
  • Applescriptobjc value viewing
  • Open quickly
  • Finds common scripting errors
  • Mini debugger window
  • Discourse-based support forum, just like ours.

Made in :canada:

Like CogSci Apps Corp., Late Night software is a Canadian company based in British Columbia. They are just over the water from us, in Victoria (BC’s capital).

About Using Hookmark with Script Debugger

What’s more, Script Debugger is fully integrated with Hookmark, meaning you can use all kinds of Hookmark commands with Script Debugger, as described in:

Script Debugger IS Our Partner of the Month of April 2024

We are delighted to announce that Script Debugger is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of April. This reflects the esteem that we mutually hold for each other’s Mac products.

Once you edit your scripts in Script Debugger, you will not want to go back to Apple’s minimalist, Script Editor, app.

I’ve updated this topic with a link to a screencast we made about Using Hookmark and Script Debugger together: