Schedule for Setapp Latest Version Update

Hi, kindly give us an estimate date please when will the latest version of Hookmark will be available to Setapp. Most of us here gave up the regular subscription in favor of Setapp and hope you can coordinate with people at Setapp to ask when will they update the Hookmark App. It will be very helpful to all of us Setapp user to know when to expect so that we don’t have to check everyday or even every hour, knowing you already have the latest update, but not the Setapp. We ask for proper coordination between your company and Setapp please. Thank you very much.

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @mykepimentel. Best not always to release both at same time; sometimes stand-alone comes first, other times Setapp comes first. There’s usually a good reason internally for a lag. 5.1 we released first on our side, then we decided to proceed with 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 before submitting to Setapp, which we have done. There’s also a submission process on Setapp side.

Regarding communications, we try not to communicate too much about release dates and times before hand, because life (including work) is full of surprises.

we submit and we trust they will release it, without us needing to email them. Their time and ours is best spent on core work.

As a productivity researcher, I’d recommend just relying on the Setapp notification mechanism.

Hi, I also have this frustration, having given up a direct subscription in favour of Setapp. I am eagerly awaiting the use of Capacities integration, and Bike, but 5.1 is still not on Setapp this morning.
I am subscribed to your newsletter, which announces new features with some excitement, then it becomes frustrating when I can’t get to them.
Not sure if the delay is on your side or SetApp’s - I will contact them too, but I don’t get this sort of delay with any of the other apps I use on SetApp. That may be because those companies don’t write me such great newsletters, so I am happily in the dark like a mushroom!

I can confirm that the SetApp delay affects other programs as well as Hookmark. For example, Path Finder came out with a new version and there was a significant delay before it appeared in SetApp.

But as you note, we only notice the lag when there is fanfare around a new release that tips us off that something is coming.

One way to avoid the frustration, I suppose, would be for Luc to stop producing quality software. If he would start releasing buggy software, we would all be reluctant to upgrade instead of chomping at the bit.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Hi, just got this from Setapp support, so there’s still a disconnect somewhere.

Thank you for contacting Setapp Customer Support.

All updates are prepared and submitted by their original developers, as publishing an update in Setapp takes building a separate version. In some cases, if a major issue is detected - or fixed - in a non-Setapp version, the developers may hold back the Setapp version release for a bit.

Hookmark 5.1.2 was submitted to us just recently after the app had issues addressed. It is currently pending release and will be available to Setapp users as soon as the vendor approves the release.

Feel free to write us back if any questions arise.

Best regards,

Basically Setapp are saying the vendor needs to approve release of 5.1.2 ?

The integration with Capacities and Bike will work with old Hookmark . Please go to Hookmark Preferences window ->Update to update the script. The latest script version is 276.

Okay, thanks. That’s great thank you. I thought I needed 5.1. Thanks for your help.

I didn’t know that this app is part of Setapp :frowning:

Yes, one of us here at CogSci Apps submitted it, and it had been approved by them. Recently I could not see the “release” button on their app management page. Maybe I missed it. I have now pushed the button so it will show up soon.

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Thanks Luc for being so prompt and helpful.


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Also, now I’ve installed it, it’s brilliant, thanks. I love the finder integration enabling me to link files together more easily. Thanks.

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Thank you very much Luc, really appreciate :slight_smile:

Hi all, I don’t want to be the one to keep moaning! Especially as this latest version doesn’t really affect me, but I do notice today that 5.1.3 has been out since 26th May, and yet the SetApp version is still at 5.1.2? So the update process isn’t quite flowing yet.
The integrations updates is working fine - I’ve happily updated to 279 automatically, but my version of Hookmarks is stuck on 5.1.2.
I’m not sure if this is a SetApp issue or a Hookmark issue. I’ve tried running SetApp update but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Thanks for using Hookmark.

Hookmark’s Setapp versions and standalone versions are not aligned strictly because they go through different release processes. The latest versions from two places are identical in terms of bug fixes and functionality. We are optimizing the release process, so the versions from two places will be aligned in future.

Thank you.

Yes, we understand…but please take note that its already SEPTEMBER 2023 and still we dont have any version update from Setapp.

Thanks for reminding us. We are actually going to have another major release with quite a few new features in September. We stopped fixing bugs in 5.x unless there is a blocking one to focus our resource on the coming release. However, you might notice that Hookmark actually have updated its helper scripts several times to keep up with the updates of the supported applications. Please stay tuned. Thanks.

i.e., both Setapp users and stand-alone Hookmark customers get access to our script updates. Our script updates do not rely on Setapp update cycle .