Rich-link in Bear by shortcuts broken

Currently on Bear,
I can get rich-link by “context window→copy link”, but not by shortcut.
“Copy Link” and “Copy Markdown Link” not working either.

I get link like


not like

[note name](bear://x-callback-url/open-note?id=XXX)

So I guess maybe the “Get Name” code not working, does anyone know what the problem is?

tell application "System Events" to tell process "Bear"
    click menu item "Copy Note's Identifier" of menu 1 of menu bar item "Note" of menu bar 1
    delay 0.05
    repeat 50 times -- poll clipboard for ~2.5 seconds
            if (the clipboard) is not equal to "" then
                exit repeat
            end if
        end try
        delay 0.05
    end repeat
end tell
open location "bear://x-callback-url/open-note?id=" & (the clipboard) & "&x-success=hook://title-callback/title///"

Bear: 1.9.3 (9023)
Hook: 3.4.1 (4604; Integration v. 191)
macOS 12.1 (21C52)

Sorry for the trouble.

Theoretically, “context window→copy link” and “Copy Link” shortcut are identical action.

Does “context window→copy link” always work?

Does “context window→copy link” always work?

Yes, always work.

Maybe related to shortcut key conflicts?
But I can’t find a shortcut that “doesn’t conflict”.
My current “Copy Link” shortcut key is “^C”.

Can anyone reproduce the problem in any way?

I can reproduce this problem with Bear. We will look into it.

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Hook needs to get Bear’s URL via UI scripting, and title using x-callback-url. There’s no Bear API for URL yet. However, we are optimistic that this will soon be improved with one method providing both :slight_smile: . that would solve the issue.

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