"Revert Name in Hook" keyboard shortcut not working


I would like to set a keyboard shortcut for “Revert Name in Hook” for the currently selected item. But no matter which hotkey I choose, this doesn’t seem to work for some reason.

For example, in the system preferences I can set Opt-R to “Rename in Hook” and then it works as expected. However, if I remove this shortcut again and instead set Opt-R to “Revert Name in Hook” then there is no effect when pressing the hotkey.

Could you please check if this can be reproduced? Thanks in advance.

using System Preferences?

Yes. I changed the settings here:

This does effectively change the hotkey registered in Hook:

CleanShot 2022-06-29 at 18.04.43@2x

However, while the hotkey for “Rename in Hook” works, the one for “Revert Name in Hook” produces no effect.

Since this could be due to a conflict, I tried changing the hotkey for Revert Name to many different key combinations. None of them produce an effect. The action does work if it is clicked.

Thanks for looking into this.

The command shows up in different places, so it is possible that macOS gets confused. If the same command name shows up in different places, macOS does not necessarily know where to assign it.
I made this change on my side and it stuck, first in HOOKED link menu then on next invocation of Hook contextual window the change took effect in Title item’s> Advanced menu visually. I tested on macOS 12.4 (21F79).

As for the behavior, I can confirm that the behavior didn’t take effect. I imagine it’s because the command shows up in different places, it’s unclear which one will be used.

Understood, that makes sense.

I wonder if the “revert name” command that pertains to the linked Hook item could be named slightly differently than the one for the currently selected one to enable the hotkeys for both to work.

Arguably, many Mac users rely on keyboard shortcuts so this would add value.

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I just wanted to follow up on this since I use the renaming function a lot and not being able to use hotkeys for this is a bit of an impediment in my workflow.

It would be really useful to be able to rely on hotkeys here. It would be highly appreciated if you guys could change the naming of one of the buttons in upcoming releases. In 3.8 beta the described behavior is still present.

Sorry that one didn’t make it into 3.8. We had cut off development for 3.8. It’s slated for 3.9

Thanks for the heads up @LucB, sounds good.