Reveal in Finder when clicking on Hook link with a modifier key


Here’s a scenario:
I have link to a PDF document in my To-Do. It’s a hook:// kind of link.
When I click it, it opens in Preview (my default PDF viewer). But I want to launch it with another app, or just quickly find it in Finder and I don’t think it’s possible.
Currently, when executing the hook:// link, Hook just open the file with the default app but it would be nice if it checked if I hold some modifier combination (say the Option key, or Command-Option) and revealed the file instead. Or perhap if it showed the hooked link in Hook itself for further operation, instead of just executing the default open action. Unless there’s already a way to define a hook:// link to reveal instead of action.

I hope I explained it well.

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There is such an option in Hook’s General preferences tab.

Sorry about that

Currently this can only be selected as a system level option. While normally I want hook to open the file, there are times where I would prefer Hook to display it in the Finder (or in EagleFiler etc.), and it would be great to be able to use a modifier key to obtain this behaviour only when desired. Better yet, the modifier key could give access to a whole range of actions which we could take on the file. For example, when I select a file using Alfred, I can either open it, or I can open up the menu of options in the screenshot below. It would be great if either Hook did just the same (ideally allowing us to modify the available actions), or it allowed to open up said Alfred window

alfred actions on a file

Thank you, @ang. We use LaunchBar, Alfred and Spotlight, and we love them. We’ve designed Hook to be super convenient and efficient.

Reveal File in Finder is supported both in the Title menu (⌘R) and the Link menu. (⇧⌘R or ⌘return).

⌃T brings up the Title menu. Each one of the commands in that menu applies to the title item.

^L brings up the Link menu. Each one of the commands in that menu applies to the selected Link.

We need to keep in mind that the item may or may not be a file, therefore some menu items are sometimes disabled. ( Reveal File in Finder does not apply to web pages).

So I think everything you’re asking for is already provided .

LaunchBar users can also “send to” Hook. (We have recent blog posts with explanations of how to use Hook with LaunchBar and Alfred.)