Reveal in Finder when clicking on Hook link with a modifier key


Here’s a scenario:
I have link to a PDF document in my To-Do. It’s a hook:// kind of link.
When I click it, it opens in Preview (my default PDF viewer). But I want to launch it with another app, or just quickly find it in Finder and I don’t think it’s possible.
Currently, when executing the hook:// link, Hook just open the file with the default app but it would be nice if it checked if I hold some modifier combination (say the Option key, or Command-Option) and revealed the file instead. Or perhap if it showed the hooked link in Hook itself for further operation, instead of just executing the default open action. Unless there’s already a way to define a hook:// link to reveal instead of action.

I hope I explained it well.

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There is such an option in Hook’s General preferences tab.

Sorry about that