Request integration with XMind 2020 Pro

XMind 2020 is a complete rebuild from previous versions of the app with a slick new user interface. It is fast to create beautiful mind maps.

I like how I can brainstorm quickly using it, with easy navigation, and without having to think much about the layout of the mind map while I’m brainstorming.

The Pro version can insert a link to another topic, as long as it’s within the same XMind document (including to another sheet within the document). However, XMind cannot link to a topic within another XMind document.

XMind can, however, create links to documents of any kind, so you could open up another XMind document, just not link to a specific topic within that document.

Additionally, I’ve been able to extract the internal links to topics from the outline view, but they don’t work the way iThought’s links work. You cannot use the links outside of the app; they won’t work.

Requesting that you please integrate Hook with XMind 2020 Pro to allow Hook to link to specific topics, so that I can use the links both within XMind to topics between documents, as well as link to topics from outside the app.

Looking forward to XMind being listed as a Linkable App! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @HookEmHorns. And thank you for letting us know. (It’s helpful for us to have liaisons to each app.) I’ve asked our developers to look at this.

Yes, I am also using this app, would be nice to have working integration :slight_smile:


Any news on this? XMind is a really powerful and well known app, would be great if you could support it.

Looking forward to new developments :heart_eyes: