Request for Feedback/suggestions regarding Hook's revised homepage

Dear Friends of Hook,

Here is a request for feedback/suggestions on Hook’s revised homepage. A major goal of our revisions is to make sure that newcomers can quickly understand what Hook does and why it matters. So far that seems to be happening and we’re eager to get feedback and suggestions to do even better.

As you will see, Hook’s home page now has screenshots and animations. They are organized in three new sections that illustrate some of the major functions of Hook. (Context sensitive window; universal Copy Link; Hook to Copied Link).

We are considering adding two more sections of the following three:

  1. Animation and text regarding Link to New and note-taking.
  2. Animation and text regarding sharing hook://file and email links. I frequently send links to files and emails to my colleagues, family and friends who use Hook. They click on the link and immediately are in context of what I am referring to, without needing to search.
  3. Linking with the menu bar icon. Handy, and easy to understand.


  • What do you think of the GIF animations on the home page? Are they too fast? Sufficiently clear? The right size (Users can click on them to make them bigger.)
  • What about the content of the animations? Do they adequately convey the function they are intended to? Are there other use cases or functions you think are worthy of describing on home page? What would you change?
  • what sections would you add , edit or delete?

What this post is not about

The purpose of this particular topic is not to solicit feedback on the app itself. We have received lots of great suggestions. All appreciated :slight_smile: , and much is in the works here. Feedback re the app can keep flowing in other topics or channels.

Also, the fonts, layout and style of the website can probably be improved, but we first want to focus on the content.

Over to you

If you can spare the time, you might want to think back to your first interactions with Hook’s website (admittedly it is not easy to remember this kind of stuff).

Your feedback on the above will be appreciated. Or if you have friends, students, adult children, etc, who get a kick out of marketing apps, pls feel free to ask them to chime in. They can PIM or email us too.

Thank you for reading this far and your interest in Hook !

The text still seems to me to impose excessive cognitive effort on any visitor trying to understand at a glance what the utility actually does.

In focal position, right at the start, a visitor needs to see, without squinting or effort:

  • Universal copy as link and copy as markdown link
  • Automated creation of two-way links (between documents and other resources)
  • Menu of outbound links for the active document or resource.

Prune out any hints of redundant abstraction or grandiosity (claims of “revolutionary new approaches” inevitably have a perfume of squid ink or snake oil).

Get straight to the concrete without any heraldry or over-dressing. If the concrete is any good at all, that will be more than enough.

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I think the landing page is TMI. Rather than explaining “how”, explain “why Hook”. Move all the tech stuff deeper into the site.

Also, the endorsements are in the “I like it because I like it” category – I don’t think endorsements from people the average Joe has ever heard of are going to sell your product.