Reordering of hooked items?

I’m curious if it is possible to reorder the list of hooked items when the hook window is opened.

New to the app and way of thinking about using this. Right now I’m creating hooks as I come across them, which I think is the point, but I would love to have the hooks I suspect I’ll use most frequently near the top of the list.

I discovered this morning what I think is a hidden feature that you can open hooks using ⌘[0-9] based on where they appear in the list. I would just like to make sure that ⌘1 is the most likely place I’m going.

If it’s not possible I’ll enter a new feature request.


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Todd . Thanks for asking/requesting. It’s not yet possible to reorder them: But manual and date-based sorting are requested. (Many years ago, I made the request of another app I use to do same. So I get I understand :slight_smile: ).

Just a +1 for this request. I have a group of FireFox Tabs all hooked together, and would love a consistent Hook keyboard shortcut to open any given tab.