Rename keyboard shortcut does not work

I often want to rename a hook right after creating it, but the rename keyboard shortcut appears not to work. - Rename in Hookmark: ⌃⇧R

I can right click and select Rename on the context menu, but that is much slower than ^H and ⌃⇧R to create and rename a hook.

The shortcut is working fine here. Are you perhaps using unusual keyboard modifiers or have some software intercepting the keystrokes?

Thanks Luc for the suggestion. I don’t believe there is anything intercepting the keyboard. Will check.

I found the culprit @LucB

I had been checking in Keyboard Maestro, BTT, System Settings Keyboard etc, but could not find anything. I just spotted that the “App Shortcuts” section within, Keyboard Shortcuts", within, Keyboard, within System Settings.

That had a shortcut configured for the Hook app for Ctrl-R to execute the Hook menu Rename item. I must have put this in a while ago before you supported a shortcut directly. It seems this seemed to break running your own Ctrl-Shift-R shortcut. Deleting that App Shortcut and your default Ctrl-Shift-R is working. :slight_smile:

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