Regarding Hook app for iPad and iPhone (iOS/iPadOS)

That’s about Hook for iPhone and iPad, as we’re calling it here.

The app has been approved for general release by Apple. But what I didn’t realize is that the TestFlight release requires a separate authorization from Apple. We submitted it for that, and are once again waiting for Apple. I apologize for not getting to it earlier this week (bit of a crazy week, and we did get Hook 3.4 and needed a Hook 3.4.1 …). The good news is that App Store Connect this year is not on holiday: According to Apple Developer itself. They’ll be slower than usual but hopefully not too slow.

I have an 11-inch iPad Pro. “Santa” is getting me a 12.9-inch iPad Pro because I just had to see it on that form factor physically. Also looking forward to drawing on it and reading ebooks on it.

we’ve got quite a long list of people on TestFlight, so we may not be able to add any names during the break due to being shorthanded during the break. But I will be here and some work is still going on apart from xmas day itself.

Wishing everyone a merry and healthy Christmas.


I stand corrected. They were fast.

I would love to join the Beta on my brand new 12.1” iPad Pro! Thanks in advance for adding me to TestFlight.

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Will you send out invites through email?

Am so exited

Best, Rainer Schmidt

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I got today the invitation for the Test flight version of Hook for iOS (called Hookmark). I had understood that this won’t be a stand-alone app but rather a complimentary one for the Mac app. I see however asking for a monthly or yearly subscription fee to allow icloud syncing, although I am already a Pro user of Hook. What have I missed here?


I did not get the invitation….

Please !!!

I had signed up for TestFlight

Please add me to TestFlight as well. Thank you!
Best regards!

I know that I might ask a stupid question, but:
I tried a simple thing, copying a link on Mac and creating a new apple note with it.
The link does not open in iPad nor iPhone. Is it my fault or is it not meant to be like this yet?
Anyone can help?

Best, Rainer Schmidt

I can’t wait to be a tester, either! Could you please tell me how to sign up for it?
Best regards!

Please sign me up for the IOS version also. Thanks

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That’s a good question, thanks for asking. For some apps, Hook by default returns a URL of the form hook://, which is called a “URL scheme”. For more information on when Hook products for Mac return URLs with this scheme, please Principles That Determine the URL Scheme Returned by Copy Link for a Given App – Hook.

There’s also Using Hook with Apple Notes – Hook. Some of them would require an app we are developing for iPhone and iPad that has not yet been released yet. We’ll release more information on that publicly closer to release date.

Please invite me to the iOS Beta as well if there’s still room. Just bought Hook Pro with the WinterFest 21 discount! Excited to incorporate it into my workflow.

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I’m a college student, and I do want to buy Hook Pro now. Do you know whether one can enjoy the educational discount and the WinterFest discount at the same time?

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Hi, I am an italian teacher, may I have access to the TestFlight too? Thanks

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Not asking for beta access - suggesting a workflow that I’d like the iOS app to support.

  1. Invoke Hook on something in macOS.
  2. Generate a QR code from the URL
  3. Print that to a sticker and put it in my journal
  4. Later, scan that sticker in the iOS app
  5. Handoff the URL to my desktop Mac to open the Hooked thing

Do you think this feasible, and would anyone else find that useful?


Just managed to get a rudimentary form of this working. Getting the link into the Dymo label printing software is a manual step, but I’ve created an iOS shortcut that scans for a QR code with the camera, turns it to text, strips out the ‘URL:’ that is prepended, and then airdrops the text. At that point I can manually select my desktop Mac and it opens (in this case) DevonTHINK and shows the hooked document.


We did get a request for this. It’s definitely a great and brilliant way to bridge the digital and paper worlds !

The TestFlight invitations come from Apple . This requires the installation of TestFlight on the App Store.

Dear All, we’re waiting for Apple to release next testflight. Meanwhile, we’re closing the TestFlight to new participants for now as we focus on development/ related tasks. We still have a handful of prior requesters to add; if you haven’t heard back by end of Thu (PST) please send us a PM. we will likely open it up again in january prior to public availability.