QuickTime deep links

I have Hook Version 3.3.2 (4565; Integration v. 186). I am very interested in doing QuickTime deep links but it does not seem to work for me. Generic “hooking” to a QT media file works fine. Deep linking: zero. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong but I seem to be following the printed instructions.

When I click on a specific time in a QT video and create a Hook link it comes out like this:
IU Love Poem 2019 Concert subtitled.mp4

Anything else for me to try? The link works in general (i.e. the movie opens up) but it does not go to the specific location I want.

Sorry for the trouble.

Could you please go to Hook Preferences window → Update, click on Check now button and make sure you get script 189 version?

Please let us know if that works for you.

Thank you

@bchend Thanks! I thought 3.3.2 was all that was needed. Yes, when I update to v.189 all now works as expected. This is a great addition to Hook Pro!