"Projects" to group all the things I'm working on right now

I’m a fan of Pomodoro, so at any given time I’m usually working on exactly one thing. I wish Hook had a function like:

  • I tell it I’m working on the “Make a thing” project. This creates a new class of object I can refer to by URL.
  • As I use it, every link I copy is automatically hooked to that project’s link.
  • A shortcut in the Hook window shows me all the links in the current project, kind of like “Recent” but scoped to just that project.
  • As a bonus, all this is scriptable so that my Pomodoro timer can integrate with Hook to start and end projects automatically and I don’t even have to think about it.

Then with zero deliberate work on my part, I can come back later and see all the resources I used in the “Make a thing” project. I can save the link to that project in OmniFocus or Reminders, or automatically see it again if I have a second Pomodoro session for the same project.