Problem launching Hookmark

OS version: 13.1
Hookmark version: 5.0.2-b5331 (newest downloaded from official website)

Bug: I cannot open it, even I click it one the menu bar.

Both ^H or click the icon cannot wake up Hookmark… This problem exist two months… (my previous hook version also not work…

Hook is active.

And when I click the linence, it will show:

But I still can’t open hook…

Actually I cannot see the Hookmark window, but I can get the hook link by ^H and CMD+C

could you please send us a compressed process sample via email per How to Take a Process Sample of Hookmark with Activity Monitor app – Hookmark so we can see where your Hookmark instance is getting stuck?

You could try reverting to a ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/ database from before you experienced the problem. Hookmark 5 onwards automatically creates and stores backups of its database in its library folder. Restore procedures are on that page. If you revert to a Hookmark 4 or earlier version, be sure to revert the entire folder, not just the database, as described on that page.

The title of your topic referenced 5.0.2-b5331, yet your later comment referenced prior builds. So I have made the topic title more general. If this pertains specifically to Hookmark 5, we can add that to the topic – to help us all orient ourselves.

Thanks for your reply… I have sent you the email.

BTW: I have tried several version of Hookmark… Both of them have problems… I cannot see hook or open the ‘Preference of Hook’, but it indeed works (for example ^H and CMD-C get the hook link)

More details:
If the current active window is safari (or any other app), then I press ^H (or click hook icon in the menu bar), then the safari window is not active (This means now hook is active window, but I cannot see it).

Sorry for the trouble.

This could be because Hookmark window is off screen. Could you please try:
(1)In Activity Monitor, double click on Hookmark process, Quit or Force Quit Hookmark process
(2)In Terminal, run the following command:

defaults delete com.cogsciapps.hook "NSWindow Frame Hook"

(3)Start Hookmark again and see if you can see Hookmark window

Thank you

I recently upgrade to Mac Mini M2 Pro. Hookmark stopped working. Doesn’t show up in menu, doesn’t fire up with Alfred, or clicked from Applications or Launchpad. Uninstalled, re-installed, even purchased a new pro updates license. Nothing seems to work.

Could you try Hookmark 5.0.3 beta and send us the compressed log file as an email per instructions there?

Sounds like the Hookmark database got corrupted during the transfer from one Mac to another. How did you do the transfer? You could roll back to a previous Hookmark database, that would do the trick. Hookmark 5 onwards does automatic backups of its DB, or you could use Time Machine.

I am currently using Hookmark version 5.0.2 (5331), and it has been working fine for a few days.

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