Posting digital garden seedlings from Bike

I added a way to post digital garden seedlings to my blog.

  • What are seedlings?
    • Seedlings are half-done articles/notes kept in a digital garden.
    • They are like drafts, but we keep them public because not every one of them will be finalized.
    • I can also use seedlings to privately reply to people using my blog and send them the link.
    • Seedlings are entirely hidden, but you can find them if you know their URL.
  • The goal
  • Posting seedlings from Bike
    • There are note branches in my Zettelkasten, which can be migrated to a seedling, so I can start working on it.
    • I extract these notes into separate files, naming them using their number from my Zettelkasten.
    • I can invoke a simple Ruby script, which is going to prepare and post to my blog.
    • The script also links them using Hookmark, so I can switch back and forth between writing the post and previewing it.

You can check out a video about the process on my blog :arrow_upper_right:

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