Possible problem with Hook and Reminders?

Is it possible that using Hook with Reminders could cause Reminders to run slowly and show error messages?

  1. After trying to use Hook with Reminders I noticed Reminders running slowly (seeing the beach ball a lot). This struck me as odd since I have not added many reminders (~35) over the years.
  2. Today I am seeing an error message pop up whenever trying to create a new item in Reminders that says “Error: Reminders got an error: Can’t get reminder 1 whose name = “[name of item]”. Invalid index.”

I’ve been searching the Apple support for any explanation, but have not found anything.


There should not be an interaction but seems to be one. Hook doesn’t have a built-in script for reminders, though we published this Using Hook with Apple Reminders – Hook.

I’ve just run a test using this script while the new “Show in menu bar whether current item has hooks.” preference is on, and found Reminders slowed down. Hook shouldn’t invoke this script because it’s a UI scripted app.

I recommend either removing that script from Hook, or disabling “Show in menu bar whether current item has hooks.” until we figure out what is happening.

2022-06-06 12-45 PM: clarified the opening of my reply.

we’ll have a fix for this issue in the next release, which we will publish promptly. Meanwhile, I recommend disabling the Reminders script for now . If you need Reminders links, best to revert to Hook 3.5 for now. Our upcoming solution will enable us to deliver hot fixes along with script updates, sans relaunching Hook.

Thanks for the quick response and guidance.