People are using Obsidian as a file manager

It seems like a missed opportunity for Hook.

People want to use tools like Finder in the same way that they’re linking things in their documents.

If there was a graph view of links for Hook…
If links and backlinks were displayed in the file manager…
If links were discovered and suggested as they are in (the buggy and inefficient) DevonSphere from DevonThink.

That is a good point. We have created an API to allow people to design utilities via automation. I know that many people have contributed plugins to Obsidian. Same can happen with Hookmark. Hookmark supports AppleScript and Shortcuts.

With the growth in popular of Hookmark, I am optimistic that visualization automation enthusiasts will join.

Every time so far this feature set has been surpassed by other more basic features requested by more people. Hookmark 5 which will be released early next year addresses a lot of requests we’ve had.

We have not closed the door to doing visualization tools ourselves. We do see it as a natural progress in due course, through the community, partner developers or ourselves. We have established in the last few years a massive network of relationships with other developers . Our new presence on Setapp has augmented that.