Pasting into excel no longer linkable

I can’t click hooklinks pasted into excel anymore. Excel is the same version, but Hookmark has updated to Version 6.0 (5779; Integration v. 300).

I don’t think it’s cell format related. Anything I can do?

Before: image
After recent update:

Figured it out!
I had a problem with copy and paste formatting so I was using a program called “Pure Paste”. If you use this app, just disable it’s ability to automatically clear clipboard formatting and use a new PASTE shortcut instead. Then give PurePaste accessibility access by going into accessibility, press +, and then add purepaste by browsing to it.

This also fixes “Hook to copied link” being greyed out (grayed out)

I hope this helps someone

Thank you for the information! I am glad you figured it out.

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