Pasting Hook links in Mathematica notebooks causes Mathematica to crash

I’ve just started playing around with Hook for the sole purpose of adding easy references to my Mathematica notebooks. Unfortunately, when I paste any sort of Hook link in a notebook, I get a spinning wheel of death. I am using the latest version of Mathematica (12.3) and I suspect it may have something to do with my m1 MacBook trying to run it through rosetta.

It’s worth noting that I am not having this issue with any other applications, though I’ve only tried a few (none of them running through rosetta). I am also in the free trial period, as I wanted to make sure it would work for my use case, lol.

Is this a known issue? Are there any workarounds?


Is this happening when you post any Markdown link, or just Hook ones? Could you paste an example?

I haven’t had any issues with other links. I’m selecting a line of text in a large textbook pdf, pressing the cmd+shift+space, then copying. I then go to the Mathematica notebook and paste, and the application crashes.

I’ve tried copying/pasting regular text, as well as links to websites and files. I am not using mathematica’s inbuilt hyperlink function. Doing so does not crash the application, but it does not work at all (it just opens an empty webpage). This does not happen when I paste the link in any other text editor.

could you please try pasting a markdown link generated from Hook ( Copy Markdown Link) into Mathematica to see if that gives a different result. If it still causes a crash, could you please paste that link in a plain text field or app (e.g., BBEdit or a plaintext TextEdit file [not a RTF file]), copy that markdown link from there, and then paste it in Mathematica to see?

We have other Mathematica users so I doubt there’s an inherent incompatibility.