Pasted link font size is very small in OmniFocus

Hi, just started using Hook and it’s excellent. The only problem I’ve noticed so far is when I paste a link into the OmniFocus notes section the links are very small and in a different font to my notes. Any way of fixing this on my end?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @eno, and thanks for asking.

There were font size issues in some previous versions of Hook. However, Hook v 1.8 is meant to have fixed them. are you using Hook 1.8? I just verified again with Hook 1.8 on both macOS 10.15.5 and macOS 10.14.6 ( OmniFocus Pro 3.9.1): when I paste, the font size is sane.

if you’re on 1.8, then is anyone else seeing an issue with OmniFocus? (I know many Hook users use OmniFocus.)

Thanks for your quick response.

My Mac OS is different to yours, MacOS 10.15.6, OF Pro, 3.9.1. I assume I’m using Hook 1.8 as I only downloaded the trial a couple of days ago. How do I pull up the application to check, as I can’t see anywhere in the app on my Menu Bar where I can check the version (no about)?

Hook’s ‘about’ info is in the Gear menu. The gear menu is in Hook’s menu bar icon. It is also in Hook’s popup window, hover over the title on right to see it. (Similar behavior to LaunchBar).

You can also Get Info on the Hook app in Finder.

Got it thanks. Ver 1.8, Build, (3439)

I did a quick web search of OmniFocus font size and didn’t come up with much besides this Change default size of text in notes field only? - OmniFocus / OmniFocus for Mac - The Omni Group Forums which is not very informative.

Hook also has a Hook to New > OmniFocus option. Is the font size small with that too? In my case it shows up with font size 11, which is my OmniFocus default.

If the links are not showing up in weird fonts in other contexts, like TextEdit, Apple Notes and Pages, I would suspect something is going on with OmniFocus. We had not received any other complaints about font size with Hook 1.8 – not that this precludes something going on with Hook. It may be worth asking the folks at OmniGroup (forum or their slack).

Thanks or that. Hook to new adds it to OF as a new item and the notes link is the right size that I’ve chosen, which is large.

Here is the difference of the Hook to New function and just pasting the link below it and as you can see the pasted link is smaller.