Panic's Nova (successor to Coda 2)

Coda 2 is listed as linkable but it seems that the new editor from Panic, Nova, is not linkable. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone been able to figure this out?

Panic’s Nova is not listed on the Linkable Mac Apps page, but we can certainly look at adding it to the development queue for a future release. Thanks for your feedback!

In the meanwhile, the Copy as Markdown Link Keyboard Maestro macro should, I think, work with Nova:

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @denis. And thanks for asking.

Nova lacks automation for robust linking. They are a reputable developer, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be willing to make it linkable. Providing x-callback-url , AppleScript or any other API would be easy for them. There’s a form here for contacting third party app devs.. We’ll also be in touch with them. We’d happily integrate with the automation they would provide.

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Yes, Panic Inc are reputable. The question is whether they have any track record of automation friendliness. (It’s not a mean question.) If not we might have to educate them.

(And this thread got me thinking about another of their apps: Prompt. I use Prompt a lot to SSH into Raspberry Pi’s and I wonder if it’s meaningful to hook to an SSH client.)

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I used to use SSH a lot, though not their app.

IMHO, if an app has multiple persistent re-usable resources in a foreground window, then it would be helpful for its resources to be linkable. Navigating information space consumes precious executive function resources that are best directed/ breaks flow — even small hits add up.

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