Other operating systems: how did you survive?

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As much as I love HookMark, it’s the one piece of software tying me to MacOS.

This is my first mac, and it's soon time to get a new one. The software has been brilliant, because the underlying system has allowed me to get a Linux-like experience with BREW, while allowing me to run proprietary software when needed.

However, there’s been some annoyances with Apple. One of these is a deal breaker: poor repairability. My battery, charger cable and USB port have all broken. I was also able to increase the SDD space.

Newer macs put a question mark over all that, with ifixit scores of down to 1 in places. That’s unacceptable! To me the battery is a consumable. You can’t buy morally anything with a battery without considering that.

So I’m considering a framework. The battery life may be a lot less than an M1/2, but at least I have options.

But this means losing HookMark, and that brings me to my question:

What did you do before HookMark?

I think I can survive by renaming files uniquely and using search. I don’t actually deep link that much.


Hi there Cell5tl,

I have been an apple user for 10+ years. Not being able to update, upgrade or repair my apple device myself has pushed me to consider other brands.

I am looking at System76 (for the sheer horsepower) or Framework for its repair, upgrade-ability. Both run linux.

I will miss Hookmark.

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I use Notes, and org-mac-link. They still require macOS.
I never felt organized before using Hook, and never felt productive until starting to use Org-roam (with Hook).

I would suggest staying with macOS. It likes a garden, and there are gardeners doing the hard work to provide a comfortable environment (including softwares like Hookmark), within which we can focus on our own job.

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I addressed these issues in two books:

while the books are Mac-oriented, the tips and principles are fairly generic.

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“I use Notes, and org-mac-link”
It’s great to hear that Hook isn’t the only app that’s doing deep linking, even if it’s still MacOS.

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