Options menu is greyed out in every context

In every application, when I invoke the hook menu, all options are greyed out except for sometimes “reveal in finder.” Have granted all requested permissions… any idea what’s up?

Catalina 10.15.5
Hook 1.3.2

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @gravytop. It sounds like your one-month Trial has expired

Hook > About window ( ⌘’) indicates Hook’s mode.Modes are described on the Buy page.

Ah, OK. Can I get another trial? I downloaded it months ago, and couldn’t quite the hang of it, so I didn’t use it. I’ve read a lot about it, so was wanting to give it another shot.


There’s no trial extension mechanism. However you could try it on a different Mac if you have access to one. There are also videos https://hookproductivity.com/help/general/videos/

That’s too bad. Thanks anyway.