Option to use the old interface?

Would it be possible to have an option to use the old interface?
I can see where the LaunchBar/Alfred-style window would be handy if you already know the shortcuts, but not having them memorized, I liked the old interface so I could just click the option I wanted.

Thanks for asking John. A related request came up before in relation to the 1.3 topic. .

Maintaining two different UI’s is problematic at this point, given that the Hook UI is scheduled to evolve along with the product road map, which reflects requests here (e.g., related to information aggregation). Having said that, we currently do expect the evolution of the Hook popup window to be somewhat configurable. (In fact, when this topic came in, I was in OmniGraffle mocking up the future.)

What particular commands are problematic to remember? Knowing this, we may be able to help with tips or consider this in the evolution of Hook.

We could potentially modify the status bar to have two lines for certain commands. (The status bar currently has some command tips, but we could perhaps make the commands configurable, and perhaps “hot” [clickable]. Not sure about the latter (haven’t discussed that one with the dev team). Just putting it out there.)

One thing to note is that in many respects the old UI’s commands were more difficult to remember. There were several “hidden” commands. Users needed to consult the shortcuts web page. (It’s accessible via the app in Gear > Help > …) Now all the commands are visible by accessing the respective menu.

  • ^T: and you see all the title item commands
  • ^L: and you see all the linked-item commands
  • ^G: and you see all the context-free commands