Option to hide menu bar icon?

I would like to use Hook in a similar way to Alfred, where I invoke it via the keyboard shortcut and access preferences, etc. from there. Any chance we can have an option in the prefs to hide it?

(I realize there are apps that hide icons.)

Thanks for asking, beck.

Currently Hook is implemented around the menu bar icon, so it is not currently possible to remove it. In that respect it is more like Default Folder X than a launcher. However, we are considering making it a stand-alone app with the menu bar icon as an option – a discussion we expect to have again in the new year. I certainly appreciate that menu bar space is at a premium.

Meanwhile, it’s sometimes handy to use the menu bar icon for drag and drop mesh linking from Finder: Drag and Drop Linking: Many Items at a Time – Hook. While we’re on the subject… we expect to provide other forms of aggregation in 2020 (both in terms of the underlying schema and the UI).


Thanks for the explanation and sharing more about Hook’s potential future directions, @LucB!