Option to disable automatic bookmark upon opening Hookmark window


currently invoking the Hookmark window automatically adds any recognized items to the Bookmarks.

I would like to disable this, so that bookmarks are only added when I actually hook items together.

Is there any way to accomplish this? If not, could you please consider adding this as a global preference?


Thank you for contacting us.

This might be a bug. Just want to clarify, do you mean you just invoked Hookmark window but did not do anything else?

Currently if you do copying links, hooking items, renaming or pinning, Hookmark will automatically add those items to the Bookmarks. If you just invoke Hookmark window and don’t do anything, it should not bookmark this item. If it does, it is a bug.
The item might appear in recent section, but is not bookmarked.

Thank you

Hi there,

and thanks for such a quick response!

I can confirm that what I’m seeing is a bookmark being created just by invoking the hookmark window. This is on the latest 6.0 beta version.

Doe it happen to all documents you invoke Hookmark on or some particular ones?

So far I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem.

Thank you

I just reproduced it in Spark, DevonThink, OmniFocus and Safari. In addition, same behavior when I invoke Hookmark on a file in the finder.

I can’t reproduce this one either. Hookmark’s automatic bookmarking is for operations that involve copying links, not just invoking the Context window.
where do you see the bookmarks?
What version of Hookmark?
thank you.

I’m on 6.0 beta 3 @LucB

Here are some screenshots of what I did:

  1. Invoke Hookmark window on this page

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 20.59.36

  1. Go to the bookmarks section

Thank you for the screenshots.

Hookmark will store 2000 most recent items, the oldest one will be deleted once the limit is reached. Recent items will not appear in All Bookmarks section if they are not bookmarked.

Hi @bchend

Looks like this one’s on me then.

I assumed that the Recent section was showing recently added bookmarks, and that they would therefore also be shown in the All Bookmarks section.

Given that the window is opened via the “Bookmarks” menu item, other users might make a similar assumption.

In any case, I should have verified so thanks for clarifying.

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Thank you for pointing this out! I think you are right. Perhaps a tooltip might help?

I will create an issue for this.

Thank you