Option for larger Hook Window?

Is it possible with regard to the Hook Window to:

(1) Allow the user to enlarge it as desired

(2) Allow the user to choose any desired maximum number of items per section - rather than the limit of 20 right now

This would increase the utility of Hook considerably. I don’t think there is any downside - I suspect it is trivial to change the code, and those who prefer it as it is now could still keep it as such.

you can expand it on x dimension.
The height adjusts dynamically to accommodate number of items, up to a point.

we will add a feature request .

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Hook is way more useful to me than bookmarks in my browser since the Hook bookmarks can be to so many types of content besides just web pages.

Browsers let me have a long scrolling list of items taking up the entire vertical portion of my screen if I wish - why not the same option for Hook?

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