Open With ... when selecting a Markdown Link

My workflow seems to be quite strange. Because I’m searching for a solution since a few days.

My customer sends me a file that I have to edit and put online on a certain day. So I copy the file into the customer folder and create a task for this day. So that I don’t have to search for the file again later, I want to link it in the task. Thats why I create an MD link. So far everything is good. But when I click on the MD link, the file is opened in Preview. So as a preview the behaviour is quite nice, but I have to edit the file in Photoshop.

And that is the problem. I can’t open the file in Photoshop with the MD link. I have to start from scratch and would have to go back into the client folder and find the file. I have created a Quick Action (Service) in Automator which also works. But not with the link. And with apps like Launchbar I can only send the previously selected file to Photoshop to open. But not the link to the file.

What I want is a bit like opening an alias or symlink in Photoshop. Does anyone know if something like this is even possible?


You can tell macOS to open all files of that type in Photoshop, or if you want to be asked every time the app opens you can use something like OpenIn.

Do either of those work for your workflow?

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You could tell Photoshop to open all of those kinds of files, but a better idea (IMO) would be to select the individual files, do “Get Info”, and tell macOS to just open that file with Photoshop.

Then the next time you open it, it will open with Photoshop.