Open Links in Specific Browsers, or do anything really

Hi all, nice forum you all have here. I found it looking for a way to open Hookmark links in specific browsers. I found a couple of methods that looked doable, then I remembered that Popclip can trigger Keyboard Maestro macros using this method:

The video in the linked forum post shows how to copy a Keyboard Maestro macro’s url for use in Popclip. If Popclip could it, so can Hookmark, I thought. And it can.

If you create a Keyboard Maestro macro to open a link in a specific browser, which is straightforward, all you have to do is get the link to the macro and hook it to the stuff you want to hook it to and you know have a macro trigger in your hooked links.

Use it to get to your website on a specific browser (I want this for my gmail which is signed in to my work account on Firefox) or use it for any of the many many magical things Keyboard Maestro does.

Just a quick note to say that browsasaurus seems relevant