Open in specific perspective in Omnifocus

When I click on a Hook link to open an Omnifocus task, it opens in that project. My most common “project” is “Single Task”, use really just for 1 time tasks. But they may be recurring, and typically I’d have a hook link in the note field to hook back to the other app.

So typically, when clicking on a link that will open in OF, it opens in this very long list of tasks that are in my “Single Task” project. That active task is also in my most used perspective, TODAY. I would love for it to open in the TODAY perspective, instead of the Single Task Project.

I suspect there’s no way to do that, but any thoughts/ work arounds appreciated!

I recommend asking on OmniFocus/OmniFocus for Mac - The Omni Group User Forums, and linking to this post.

Depending on the answer, one may be able to tailor Hook’s Open Item script: to open in right perspective.

Thanks Luc- I did post there, so we’ll see if I get a response… Really getting use out of the trial and will certainly be signing up!

You can link to an OmniFocus perspective with the format:

omnifocus:///perspective/[perspective name]

(Note: if there are spaces in the title, you must use “%20” instead of space)

For your “Today” perspective that would be:


You can write that link, copy it, then Hook to Copied Link.


^^^ This will work as a Hook to the Today perspective.

But if you’re hoping to link to a specific task and have it show up in a specific perceptive, that is not possible. OmniFocus task links link to the non-perspective / project view.

I just reread your question, and I think you’re hoping for the latter. But maybe the former gets you close enough…

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @devynosborne . And thanks for contributing your knowledge !

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Hey, thanks @devynosborne , I was having issues with spaces as well. Thanks for the %20. If you know of a good resource regarding editing or coding links, it would be appreciated.

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Thanks very much @devynosborne and yes, was trying to see if it could show up in a specific perspective, but guess that’s not possible. That said, I’m finding that links FROM OF to an email, pdf, etc are way more useful for me than links TO OF, so not a big deal…

Michael Tsai collated a couple of recent posts here: Michael Tsai - Blog - Mail Links and Percentages on which I commented.

You’re welcome! I don’t have any specific resources, though the OF forums are full of invaluable info. I’m no coder, so I mostly just search forums, ask in forums, and Google – and then hack things together. :slight_smile: Most likely, someone else has tried what you want, or pieces of what you want.

I actually recently asked something similar. I consider myself a bit of a power user, but this one stumped me. I hope they implement it someday!

I’ve found enormous value in the script included with Hook to link to a Mail message**. I previously did this with macOS Scripts, but that was a bit cumbersome. Now I simply use my Hook shortcut and get the message link. I use this all the time.

** I’m pretty sure I changed the script to the one included in this thread, which allows it to work with Apple Mail across all devices, independent of Hook.