Open File OR Enclosed Folder

Hi, I have numerous hook files to open documents, but I am now often running into a situation where I need to open the enclosed folder. It would be great to have a feature such as in Alfred, where I open the document by pressing return, but open the enclosed folder with CMD-Return.

Thanks, Hans

Are you referring to the links you see in the Hook window (Title item, HOOKED, PINNED, RECENT)? there are Commands & Shortcuts for that.



Thanks fo responding! No, I mean hook files as in “fancy aliases”, no Hook window open. :wink:

My workflow is that I have a couple of hook files in my class session folders, and I double click on them to open documents and run files during class - documents and files that are stored in a variety of other folders. However, I have also a lot of other materials in those folders, too, that may be of interest if a student has a particular question. In that case I’d like to open the enclosed folder from that Hook file.

Using a Hook window on a particular file (with multiple entries) is not an option, as these additional files are too many, and change too often.

Thanks, Hans

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you probably know this already, but just in case, and for the benefit of other readers.

  1. One could create one .hook files that points to a folder, and another that points to a specific file. Depending on your Preferences (next point), that would open the folder so that you can browse.
  2. there is a
    Reveal hook://file link targets in Finder General Preference . If that is checked (current default), Hook will reveal the .hook URL target; otherwise, it will reveal the item.

But it sounds like you want to be able to dynamically override the general preference , such that ⌘⌥O for instance would Reveal File in Finder regardless of general setting (equivalent to Finder alias > ⌘R show original).

Yes, eventually. I still need to open files quickly, and Hook has sped up my class organization substantially. Thanks!