Open all hooked (linked) items

If I use a “Project” document as a central linking point for multiple other documents/emails, etc, it would be very useful to be able to open that master document, open the Hook window and then be able to open all the linked documents simultaneously.


In LaunchBar, which has somewhat similar UI, you can just shift+arrow key and hit return to open multiple items. I’d appreciate that in Hook.

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welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @Tobias. And thanks for letting us know.

+1 for this feature. I think this would be a great feature for one of my common use cases – prepping for a 1-on-1 meeting where there is info spread across a range of apps/documents

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I could use this also, I currently have this Project I am working on and at the start of each day I need 4 different Web pages open.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @dnaunton, and thanks for your vote — noted.
In Hook 2.3, the “open” command will explicitly be listed in the various menus (Title, etc)
We have some option key variants for commands and are adding more (i.e., hold down the option key while choosing a command), or Open All Hooked Items could be listed as a separate command where applicable (Title, sections [HOOKED, RECENT, PINNED] and search results).

Aside: Speaking of search results, I encourage everyone to try ⌘F. It’s great for finding relevant stuff. Video:
How to Search what Hook has bookmarked for you - YouTube.

@rwread, @Tobias, @naupaka, @dnaunton we included this in Hook 3.2 released earlier this month. We’ve now released 3.2.1.

That would be (rather than selecting multiple). Thanks!