OneNote & Capacities

I’m still fairly new to Hookmark so I apologize if I’m missing something. When I copy a link from OneNote it pastes correctly as a link in every other app I’ve tried (Apple Notes, Pages, etc.) but when I paste in Capacities it shows up like this (without even the web view link that I would get if I copied the page link from the OneNote menu):

I know OneNote does not support full linking capabilities, but I feel like I’m just missing something here. Does anyone have any idea how I can format this? Alternatively, any suggestions for link-friendly apps that support handwriting and have an Android app? Unfortunately there aren’t a ton which is why I’m trying to make OneNote work. Thank you!

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @innerstellar .

I am not sure why the link does not show in Capacities. I can ask the developer.

This onenote is an APP link. You can use it to open the note in Onenote app, not in web browser.

Would you prefer a web link for onenote?

Thank you

It’s tough to say. I definitely would prefer an app link, the web version is not great unfortunately. However if a web link added through Hookmark would open in the web on Android that would probably be a bonus.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: