Omniplan integration

I’m creating a large project portfolio in Omniplan. I’ve already used @RobTrew’s script to hook with individual projects and tasks. For example, each (sub)project has a link to the Folder on disk where all the actual deliverables, reference material etc will be stored.
( as a side note, I’m interested to know if there’s a reason (other of course than extreme busy-ness) why the OmniPlan scripts are not part of the script bundle? They seem solid)

I do need some help to take the integration a step further. Whenever I link an item from anywhere TO omniplan, I’d like the hook link to be pasted at the end of that particular task note.

This is what i get “manually” (I simply retrieve the hook link a second time from hook itself after pasting, and then copy manually):

I don’t think I’ve seen a way to “hijack” the “paste link” command in Hook to add a bit of applescript that would add the note to the selected omniplan task.

I was thinking with the new expanded AppleScript capabilities in Hook 1.6, there may be a way, but my script-fu is nearing its limits…

thanks for asking about this, @seishonagon.

no. that one simply fell off our radar . Integrating with OmniGroup apps is important to us. That’s the only major app of theirs that is missing. I’ve added it to the integration list. We’ll have to have a closer look at OmniPlan (none of us here are OmniPlan users-- however, I use their other products a lot]), and will revisit the prior topic and your post.

That’s not extensible currently. Brian proposed something internally for a different set of purposes. I’ll have to ask and think about its applicability to this.

Thanks for the quick reply!
For my second question, I’ll have to see if I can hack a Keyboard Maestro macro in the meantime.

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