OmniGraffle: Deep links to specific shape or canvas


Is it possible to deep links to a specific shape or canvas, etc., in OmniGraffle instead of a general link to a file using Hookmark?

An example would be two separate links, one for Rectangle A on Canvas 1 and another for Rectangle B on Canvas 2. So, similar to when you have links to specific pages or text blocks in a PDF.

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum, @hmp4581 . I have been using and loving OmniGraffle for at least 15 years. However, I don’t think they have a Copy Link function. If they did, then you could hook them together.

OmniOutliner has a copy link function. However at the moment one needs to create 2 links:

  1. link to entire document
  2. link to the OmniOutliner row

We could in principle support deep links for OmniOutliner using hook:// URL format if there was enough demand for it.

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Hi @LucB ,

Thanks for the response and great info.!

I’d like to see support for OmniOutliner using hook:// URL format; hopefully, others in the community will also. :grinning:

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