OmniFocus, Hook, and Flags

I use Hook more every day, and almost exclusively with OmniFocus. I’ve heard OF devotees talk about it as their “external digital brain” or something similar. If so, Hook provides the efferent nerves.

A popular Hook feature request is some kind of ambient indicator of whether an item is hooked. I agree, and I’ve created a work-around for OmniFocus: automatic flagging of items as they’re hooked. I didn’t previously use OF flags for anything, and they have several advantages over trying to use tags or notes for the same purpose.

I use Keyboard Maestro to implement Hyper-c and Hyper-v for copying and pasting items URLs to make hooks. These macros are global, except for OmniFocus. In OF the same shortcuts work but the KM macros add a conditional: when copying or pasting a URL, also use the Set Flag menu item if it’s available. The conditional logic is better than a straight toggle, because otherwise if I pasted a second URL onto an already-hooked item, it would turn off the flag.

A very nice bonus of this approach is that if a project is flagged (i.e. Hooked) but some of its actions are not, the flag icon for those actions is still discriminably different: the flag icon will have an orange outline but won’t be filled in. This is a helpful prompt that I should check the project itself for the Hooked items.

(Unfortunately this system doesn’t work automatically when Hooking to New OF items. The KM macro to implement it is straightforward, but I find that the actions created by Hooking to New are unreliably selected when I open the Inbox.)

great points and idea, @TLM.

Perhaps this script can be adjusted to flag rather than tag the OmniFocus task/project:
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