OmniFocus & Basecamp

I use OF for personal task management and Basecamp for organizing teams on academic projects. I’m very new to Hook, but let me just say that this use case is golden.

Hooking OF tasks, projects, et al. to Basecamp items is trivial when using Basecamp in a browser. But I actually prefer to use Basecamp through their dedicated app. It’s not much of an app, honestly, basically like a Fluid wrapper for the website. But that way I have a separate icon and application and my Basecamp stuff isn’t just another tab in Safari (basically the rationale given for Fluid).

I really don’t know anything about the scripting function in Hook, but any pointers about how that might be used either in Basecamp for macOS or even just in Fluid would be most welcome. (My guess is that either of these would be relatively easy to add to Hook—they both have URLs for every page shown, they’re just not surfaced like they are in Safari).