Office Hours with Luc P. Beaudoin

We are considering offering hours every week or two, during which I would give a demo of Hookmark and answer questions. Would anyone be interested in participating? If so please reply below or send me a PM.


This sounds like a fabulous idea, especially if recordings can be made available on Youtube later :slight_smile: I’ll be very happy to join if I don’t have other conflicts at the time.

Very kind of you! It would be great!

I’d be happy to join if I’m available.

Count me in!
Looking forward to it

A great idea. Love Hookmark and use a few of its features but have a feeling I’m only using part of its goodness. Count me in if timezones are playing nice. Great idea to make recording available later.

I’d be very happy to join. I have deferred use of Hookmark because I’m no longer clear on what it does and doesn’t do when compared with using links in Devonthink (which I use for content organization and searching). I too feel as though I’ve lost the plot and that there is likely still a unique use case for Hookmark – so I’d love to join to find out what I’ve been ignoring.

Yes, as others have stated, I think I’m only using a fraction of it’s capabilities, and I suspect I’d have a few “a-ha” moments. I’m in Australia, so getting a timezone that suits everyone might be hard. I’d settle for a recording, if needed. Very kind of you to offer @LucB !